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Training at Primex3

Overview of Primex3 Services and Training

A distinct advantage of being a member of Primex3 is the opportunity to take full advantage of the services and training programs that we offer. All the programs, which address a broad diversity of topics, have an overarching goal - provide information and resources to members to help them to more effectively manage their risks. Check our on-line training calendar for the most up-to-date information about training programs. Many of the services listed below can be customized to best suit the needs of an individual member, so contact us for additional information.

Supervisor's Academy

The challenging Primex3 Supervisor's Academy enhances the personal and professional capacities of both current and potential supervisors. Through case studies and discussion, participants will obtain knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of effective supervision. The Academy provides an ideal forum to meet and learn from fellow supervisors from throughout the state. Graduates of the Supervisor's Academy are automatically enrolled in the Primex3 Leadership Development Program, which is designed to provide a vehicle for supervisors to continue their professional development. For each additional 24 hours of Primex3 training completed supervisors will be recognized for achieving the next highest recognition level. Click here to visit the Supervisor's Academy.

Primex3 Recognition of Risk Management Excellence (PRIME3)

The PRIME3 program, designed to assist Primex3 members to improve risk management performance, is an important component of our comprehensive service approach. PRIME3 outlines ten Risk Management Best Practices that, when implemented, will assist members to establish a risk management culture within their organization, and also demonstrate their commitment to being a responsible member of the Primex3 public entity risk pool. A key element of the PRIME3 program encourages members to establish, and then meet, risk management improvement goals that are specific to their needs. As the goals are met and risk management performance improves we will provide appropriate recognition.

Click here to visit the PRIME3 web page.

Field-Based Training Programs

Primex3 members are offered a wide variety of training options delivered at your work site. Our knowledgeable and dynamic Risk Management Consultants are ready to provide your staff with the most up to date and useable risk management training offered anywhere. Our "training prerequisites" will ensure that our training is supported by the actions you take prior to and long after we leave. Program topics include, cut certainly aren't limited to: Back Injury Prevention; Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention; Ladder Safety; JLMC Jumpstart; and Traffic Control Techniques. Contact your Risk Management Representative to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Dealing with Sexual Harassment

The workplace and traditional workplace roles have been changing for decades. The tensions that this creates in the workplace can be manifested in harassing and hostile behaviors that can result in legal liability for the employer. Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace will look at the many aspects of sexual harassment and hostile work environments. What may constitute sexual harassment or a hostile work environment, how the changing workforce and workplace lends itself to the potential of inappropriate behaviors and the roles of elected officials, managers, supervisors and employees in fostering/maintaining attitudes which discourage harassment and hostility in the workplace are addressed. Learn the steps you need to take to protect your employees and the workplace from liability.

Playground Inspections

Keeping children safe is an underpinning of activity for most all Primex3 Members. Certified by the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), Primex3 playground inspectors are ready to help members of our Property and Liability coverage program with their playground safety requirements. Whether the project involves identifying hazards that may be lurking on an existing playground or working with a member to plan the safe installation of new playground equipment, our consultants stand ready to help members with this value added service.

Stevens Advanced Driver Training

Stevens Advanced Driver Training

One of our most popular programs is Stevens Advanced Driver Training. Every year many police officers and other emergency services workers are injured or killed in vehicle crashes. Don't let it happen to you! This day long, hands-on driving program for members will show you a wide range of simple but effective driving techniques that could save you or one of your co-workers from injury or death. Each participant will learn the limits of the vehicle, secrets of steering, braking, and handling, and how to avoid a variety of everyday driving hazards. Sign up early because this program fills fast!

“Hands-On” Risk Management Programs

Education and training is known to be enhanced when coupled with real world, hands-on activities and many Primex3 member employees prefer it. What have become staples of Primex3 Training - Hands-On Chainsaw Safety, Hands-On Confined Space, and Hands-On Traffic Control for Crossing Guards - continue to solicit very positive employee feedback. Coupled with classroom, theoretical elements, these hands-on programs bring the Primex3 training message full circle.

Specialized Risk Management Consulting Services

Primex3 Risk Management Services is also proud to offer Specialized Consulting Services. We have expertise on staff that is prepared to assist you with specific areas of risk management: law enforcement, fire service, public works, schools, and governance. If you have a specific or unique risk management issue that you need assistance with, please contact us and we'll work with you to create the program and/or resources to assist you.

Risk Management Bulletins

Our Risk Management Bulletins provide Primex3 members with an easily disseminated resource that provides information and guidance on a wide range of risk management related issues. Our Bulletins are ready at a moment's notice and are customized to meet your needs. Bulletin topics include: Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention; Halloween Safety; Parade Safety; Seasonal Storm Considerations; Dam Safety; Bullying in the School Environment; and many, many more. If we don't have what you're looking for, our Risk Management Consultants will create one specifically for you. Click here to see a list of Risk Management Bulletins.

PrimeTimes Quarterly


PrimeTimes is a quarterly publication written and distributed by Primex3 to its members and affiliate groups. Articles address various topics such as ways to mitigate risk, new services offered by Primex3, recent legal and legislative changes that impact the membership and the status of Primex3 coverages and services. The purpose of the newsletter is to ensure that members remain aware of the internal and external factors that can affect how their organization operates both now and in the future while showing them how Primex3 can help the membership take the actions needed to overcome these risks and obstacles. Click here to read PrimeTimes.

* This is a representative listing of programs and services provided to the membership.