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Meet the Primex Team

As a member of the Primex3 pool, you are assured of receiving professional support in all areas of coverage, from claim handling to risk management. For a list of Primex3 staff by department, click here.

Our Mission

To be a predictable, stable and creative partner in helping members meet their risk management needs.

Vision & Values


Primex3 will be known as the most trusted provider of exceptional products and services.

Core Values:

  • Trust
  • Excellence
  • Service

Primex, 46 Donovan Street, Concord, NH

About Us

Primex3 stands ready to provide our school, municipal, and county government members with the most comprehensive coverages and services available to New Hampshire local government.

When something unexpected occurs in the process of a public-entity delivering services or conducting the public's business, you can count on the trusted Primex3 team to manage the services you require. Our workers compensation, property and liability, and unemployment compensation programs are carefully designed to fit the unique needs and challenges of our membership. We are committed to keeping our members at the forefront of everything we do and every decision we make to ensure that the entity and its dedicated public servants are protected.

At Primex3 we recognize that each member becomes stronger when they effectively manage their risk and thus the pool as a whole becomes stronger and ultimately more stable. Our unique team of Risk Management professionals is committed to working with New Hampshire public entities to help create long-term solutions to risk management issues. With decades of experience in the public sector, this team fully understands the situations you face and can offer practical, hands-on solutions that will make a difference, prevent accidents and injuries, protect employees and the public, and ultimately save dollars. Primex3 understands every dollar saved by members of the risk pool is another dollar available to carry out the important business of local government and the education of our children. Under this model the pool, the member, and the public at large all benefit from individual and collective excellence.

To learn more about the advantages and opportunities of membership with the leader in efficient, effective, and member-focused, public entity pooling, please contact Member Services by calling 1-800-698-2364 or email MemberServices@nhprimex.org.