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Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Vehicle Insurance Coverage
Important Information

Primex3 has structured its Property/Liability Program so that newly purchased / leased motor vehicles are automatically covered for both property and liability coverage. This means that members no longer have to report vehicle additions or deletions as they occur; instead we will ask you to update your entity's vehicle schedule once a year. By structuring the coverage this way, members are assured that all vehicles always have the appropriate coverage in place.

You may know that Primex3 has also been issuing vehicle insurance ID cards to members. With the change in coverage stated above, we were also able to review this practice. We determined that the vehicle information provided on the ID cards was a duplication of the information provided on the vehicle registration. So, we decided we can provide the insurance coverage information in a more convenient way!

We have now developed a Vehicle Insurance Coverage Information sheet that can be copied and placed in your vehicles. This sheet works in conjunction with the vehicle registration card kept in each vehicle. Here are the easy steps to follow:

  1. Copy the Vehicle Insurance Coverage Information sheet.
  2. Keep with the New Hampshire vehicle registration. Place in the glove box of each vehicle.
  3. Keep a copy of the Vehicle Insurance Coverage Information in your entity files.

Please Note:

  • If the Vehicle Insurance Coverage Information is lost or if a new vehicle is bought or leased, just make a copy of the original that we provided and place it with the registration card as noted above.
  • The Vehicle Insurance Coverage Information sheet can be obtained here, by e-mailing PropertyLiability@nhprimex.org, or by calling (800) 698-2364.