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Town Offices

Incident Response & Investigation

Incident response is a critical phase of incident management. Emergency actions, particularly life saving, life protecting activities, ALWAYS take first priority, even if facts regarding the circumstances of the incident are destroyed in the process.

All Incidents: Promptly Report All Claims To Primex
  • Identify one contact person to deal with media, family, attorneys, etc.
  • Attend to medical needs of injured person - be supportive, caring
  • Avoid discussion of fault: Admissions against your own interest and other excited utterances can be admitted into evidence and used against you if the case is later tried
  • Get and give basic Information
  • Don't promise that bills will be taken care of
Premise Incidents:
  • Identify date and time
  • Identify injured/address
  • Identify witness/address
  • Identify location
  • Identify condition of area
  • Identify injuries
  • Identify cause of incident
  • Identify statements
  • Preserve physical evidence:
    Photos of area/items
    Secure items involved
Auto Incidents:
  • Identify date and time
  • Identify parties involved
  • Identify injured
  • Identify witnesses
  • Contact Police
  • Description of Areas:
    Stop signs
    Travel lanes
    Road conditions
  • Preserve Evidence:
    Photos of scene
    Photos of vehicles