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Why Primex3? The Advantages are Clear

Financial Stability of Pooling

Because Primex3 is a pool, members receive the benefit of the lowest possible rates year after year. Pooling allows members to build and maintain the long-term, stable level of funding necessary for them to meet the budget demands of local tax-payers while addressing their growing obligations under the state unemployment law. Primex3 provides the financial comfort and eliminates the worry that a large unemployment claim will affect a member's current operating budget.

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Lowest Up Front Administrative Costs

Most of the dollars you contribute for coverage go to pay the cost of claims. For over 25 years, Primex3 has used its knowledge and experience to reduce administrative costs while maintaining the financial integrity of the pool and the highest level of member service.

We Do the Paperwork

Primex3 is your primary contact with the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security. There is no need for you to manage the flow of paperwork related to a claim or to report your wages to the state. We do most of the work for you.

In-House Experts

Everything from handling your claims to setting rates, to determining your contribution is done in-house by experienced Primex3 employees. Primex3 provides direct representation for members at every level of the claims appeal process, including the Appeals Tribunal, Requests to Re-Open, the Appellate Board, and the State Supreme Court. Our goal is to ensure that members receive the fastest and most favorable decision possible.

Training, Coaching and Guidance

Primex3 offers a comprehensive catalogue of on and off-site training and educational programs, plus the special attention to service that members have come to expect, including support and guidance throughout difficult personnel issues. Staff is there every day to assist members in effectively managing their personnel practices. Our goal is to help members manage well and minimize their liability for unemployment compensation claims.

Your Contribution Works For You

Unlike a private employer paying unemployment taxes to the state, or an individually insured reimbursement employer facing uncertain risk, Primex3 members are covered and protected by the pool. Your contributions are in your account, set aside to meet your obligations under the state unemployment law. Changes to the state unemployment fund do not impact what you pay to Primex3. Members are afforded the safety of belonging to a pool, and this means stable rates and predictable costs. Your unemployment claims are covered during the year no matter what those claims may cost. Our experience rating process allows members to build their account balances at a reasonable pace even after a bad claim year.

Choose the Primex3Solution for Unemployment Coverage

Lower costs, financial stability, expert advice, the safety of pooling, and a commitment to member service are only some of the reasons that have made the Primex3 Unemployment Compensation Program the best choice for public entities in New Hampshire. The benefits of membership are many and becoming a member is easy. Requesting a proposal is only a phone call away.

For more information or to request membership, email UnemploymentComp@nhprimex.org or call Member Services at (800) 698-2364 (in NH) or (603) 225-2841.