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Claims Process

Reporting Requirements

Employers must file the Employers First Report of Injury (Form 8WC) for all injuries within 5 calendar days of occurrence.

Employees have 2 years from the date of injury to report a claim.

Employees have 3 years from the reported injury to make a claim for benefits.

When applicable, a Supplemental Report of Injury (Form 13WCA) must be filed within 7 calendar days of occurrence.

A Wage Schedule must be filed within 15 days of disability.

Three Day Waiting Period

Disability benefits are payable after the employee has been deemed to be disabled by a physician for over three days. If the employee is disabled over fourteen days, disability benefits are retroactive to the first day of disability.

If the employee returns to work in a light duty capacity - as defined by a physician - within five days of the date of injury, the waiting period is waived.

Statutory volunteers are entitled to disability benefits for the period of documented disability until they are capable of resuming their regular full time employment.