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Workers' Compensation Program

Workers' Compensation

Founded in 1979, this highly innovative and cost-effective program has set the standard for public entity pooled workers' compensation programs in New Hampshire and nationally.

Originally formed as a creative response to the problem of affordability of workers' compensation coverage, the program has grown and flourished because members realize that controlling their own risk is important and means more than simply paying less for coverage. It means members are willing to make the hard choices and take the risk management steps necessary to control losses over a long period of time, thereby reaping the financial rewards and stability inherent in pooling.

Today, this not-for-profit program serves over 445 municipalities, schools, counties, village districts, and other public entities with annual contributions exceeding $12 million. The Primex3 Workers' Compensation Program continues to be successful because it has never wavered from a mission set forth a quarter of a century ago - offer members fair and competitive pricing, stable long-term costs, with a level of risk management and member service second to none.

Superior In-House Claims Services

Primex3 employees handle all of your workers' compensation claims. In-person field investigators and face-to-face contact with injured workers is a Primex3 tradition. We provide the assistance injured employees need to get healthy, back to work and back to a normal life as soon as possible.

  • Primex3 uses the team approach to handling your claims. Four teams of highly qualified, experienced claims professionals work for members, each with the responsibility for particular region of the state. Your team includes an on-the-road claim consultant and several team members who are in the office every day to take your calls, answer your questions, and manage all aspects of your claims.
  • The Primex3 team is available to conduct monthly or quarterly on-site claim reviews for you at your city, town, school or county.
  • Primex3 attends New Hampshire Department of Labor hearings and appeals. We work to actively manage the claim process from the beginning, using legal counsel when appropriate. We keep the interests of all parties in mind and strive to resolve issues fairly and completely to the mutual benefit of all parties.
  • Primex3 makes certain each claim consultant is given manageable case loads. This assures that your consultant has the time to handle your claims the way they should be handled.