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Coverage Programs

The Coverage Programs Division encompasses:

Primex Headquarters, Concord, NH

Coverages and Services

Our efforts are grounded in the principles and practices of public entity pooling, in that each member becomes stronger when they effectively manage their risk and thus the pool as a whole becomes stronger as well. Under this model the pool, the member, and the public at large all benefit from individual and collective excellence. Primex3 is committed to providing our members with the most comprehensive coverages and the services to support them to meet the unique needs of local government.

The coverages we provide are focused solely on local government operations. This means that your entity and your people are backed by the most comprehensive coverage available and a staff of experts who are committed to supporting public service. We further solidify our coverages with innovative and tangible education and training programs as well as extensive resources so that our member - the practitioners - can meet the demands of managing risk with effectiveness and confidence.

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