I Want To...
Primex3Recognition of Risk Management
Effort, Effectiveness, and Excellence
Your Prime3Opportunity for Risk Management Achievement
  • Assist Primex3 members to improve risk management performance
  • Establish minimum Risk Management Best Practices that Primex3 members can achieve
  • Promote consistency among Primex3 members
  • Recognize Primex3 members for their risk management efforts and achievements
STEP 1. Review Your Performance

At our initial visit, Primex3 will provide you with an assessment of your performance in the Primex3 programs in which you participate.

STEP 2. Assess Your Risk Management Culture

Using the Prime3 Self Assessment as a guide, determine your current status with our top ten best risk management practices. Based upon your assessment, Primex3 will provide guidance and assistance with the establishment of appropriate benchmarks. Click here for the Self Assessment Guide.

STEP 3. Implement Our Top Ten Risk Management Best Practices

Take the necessary steps to ensure that all of the top ten best risk management practices are adopted and working effectively. Resources to help you with each of the top ten best risk management practices are available by clicking here.

Be Recognized for Your Efforts...

Once you've adopted the top ten best risk management practices, your partners at Primex3 will provide you with a sample resolution that your governing body can use to recognize the achievement. Invite us to the meeting and Primex3 will present you with an appropriate acknowledgement for your achievement.

If you need additional information or to get started, contact RiskManagement@nhprimex.org.