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What is Primex 3?

Founded in 1979, the New Hampshire Public Risk Management Exchange (Primex3) is a public entity risk pool organized and operating as a trust on behalf of member municipalities, schools, counties and other governmental entities. Primex3 is your premier risk management partner by delivering superior coverage programs, trainings and services that create extraordinary value for our members.

We offer a wide variety of risk management and financing services, ranging from the most successful workers' compensation program of its kind anywhere, to an unemployment compensation program, as well as property and liability coverage.

Primex3 understands every dollar saved by members of the risk pool is another dollar available to carry out the important business of local government and the education of our children.

The quality of service you receive goes beyond anything available through other providers and insurers, because better coverage, service and value are essential. Primex3 embodies the principle that "good risk management is good management" and more importantly good government.

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The Foundry at Primex3